broom inc.


Who we are

Branding and design agency
with studio in Tokyo.

broom inc. is a design studio based in Tokyo. With a focus on design, we do pretty much everything, from planning and layouts to branding and business development. By bringing together a diverse range of modern brands, services, and more, we flexibly pursue the optimal “form” of an item, producing high value output. "Improve somebody’s world" A process and output that enables you to hold on to that belief is what we call "design",  and as far as definitions go, we feel like nothing more is needed. What is important is to avoid the constraints of preexisting ideas and methods, while always considering if creativity is possible. We take this idea and devote ourselves to our work without holding anything back. That is our sole mission. It might seem extreme, but if you have the highest level of creativity in the world, then you can create the best things in the world, and furthermore, you can surely create a better society.

broom inc.|Studio

What we do

1. Products

We are involved in the planning and design of various "products" regardless of their categories, business types, and production methods, ranging from commercial to promotional items, handicrafts to mass-produced goods, as well as products in both B-to-C and B-to-B settings. In addition to seeking novel and attractive results, we draw on our expertise in various fields to create versatile designs that function perfectly within the integrated system of companies and businesses.


#Styling / Prototyping

#PR planning

2. Brands

We have expanded our scope of support beyond a company's initial launch to encompass medium to long-term support during its development phase, including everything from creating a basic framework for the brand to its design direction during its operational period. In addition to taking the lead until the launch of a company, we are also responsible for identifying new perspectives that are developed subsequently and distilling them into new creative designs.

#Brand Identity


#Business strategy

3. Experiences

We will help to create the perfect experience through a comprehensive process that includes everything from the formulation of touchpoints to the development of future communication channels and visuals. Starting from the space between the digital and the real, we focus on what we need to do to truly achieve our target by adopting an open-minded perspective with no restrictions in our approach when creating the desired concept.

#UI / UX

#Graphic / Spatial


broom inc.|Studio


Trade name: broom inc.
Establisbed: August 21 ,2018
Founder: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto
Address: zip 107-0062, La scena Minamiaoyama #303,
2-2-6 Minamiaoyama Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


broom inc.|Takumu Imoto

Takumu Imoto

Designer: Brand strategy, identity, experience / Products development

Born in 1992 in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. Majored in architecture and product design. Saw potential in an integrated design approach and self-studied branding and design management. Independently started a business in '14. Engaged in various designs and directions from the early stages of the service to sales. In '17, established broom with Sakamoto and became incorporated in the next year. Carries out activities with multiple perspectives as the foundation through a wide range of fields such as concept development, strategy planning, flat/three-dimensional design, and branding.

broom inc.|Ryosuke Sakamoto

Ryosuke Sakamoto

Designer: Space, environment / 3DCG / Physical

Born in 1989 in Sano, Tochigi Prefecture. In his early childhood, he spent his time making models at the carpentry shop that his grandparents managed and devoting himself to oil painting. Learned space and three-dimensional design at the Department of Environmental Design at Tama Art University. After graduating, worked at an interior design office, working on the design of commercial facilities, offices, exhibition spaces, and so on. In '17, established broom with Imoto and became incorporated the next year. Takes part in planning various projects with a focus on his firm foundation in technical design, engineering, and art, as well as his knowledge of spatial design.

broom inc.|Ryosuke Sakamoto

Takanori Shiba

Designer: Industrial products / Research / UX, UI

Born in 1988 in Wakayama Prefecture. Majored in product design, where he and Imoto were classmates. After graduation, worked in Osaka across a variety of industries, including the development and design of architecture tools and products for interiors and exteriors, and the planning and direction of commercial events and exhibitions. Joined broom in November 2020. Is using his board prior experience to create strategic approaches.

broom inc.|Eriko Yuasa

Eriko Yuasa

Designer: Communication / Graphics / Crafts

Born in 1994 in Maniwa, Okayama Prefecture. Majored in graphic and communication design at the School of Art and Design at the University of Toyama. Took an interest in the local industries of Toyama Prefecture while studying and joined a glass processing company in the prefecture after graduating. Gained experience in a workplace requiring a complex set of abilities, such as launching a business based on design projects and planning sales promotion media, in addition to product design. Joined broom in July 2021. Aims to adopt a flexible approach based on the objectives instead of limiting the output from the beginning.