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C Series
Kimura Soap / Cleaning Tools, 2018–

A series with a lineup of "niche products" that allow you to reach areas that bother you

“C series” is a series with a lineup of "niche products" developed by the Japanese soap manufacturer “Kimura Soap". broom carried out the total production of the brand from the framework to product design.

Planning, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Photography: Yoichi Nakamura [Xrossing]

C Series|Concept
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Framework + Statement

The diverse range of products that Kimura Soap has created in its history of almost 100 years. Many of them have presented the problem of "knowing the products themselves but not knowing about Kimura Soap." Thus, we surmised that the reason for this was the "lack of consistency" in its naming and packaging and decided to establish a "bundling together" of its products as one series. We decided to refine all aspects including positioning, price, and packaging. On the other hand, we assumed the position that these products that have continued to sell despite this problem were precisely the foundation of Kimura Soap and accumulation of craftsmanship, designed the statement "KIMURA SOAP'S CRAFTSMANSHIP SINCE 1924," and decided to attach this to all products in the same series.

C Series|Before/After

Item Select + Naming

We intentionally did not include highly versatile products that could be used for various purposes in the C series but instead established that the more niche a product is, the better, when conducting the selection for the lineup. This is to maximize their strength that is being able to clean even the smallest areas = reaching places that bother the user. Also, we made the name of each product as easy to understand and intentionally straightforward as possible and adopted a structure that would draw attention to the entire series instead of each product.

Icons + Animation

C series products each have their unique icon. These icons are expressed with a single brushstroke and a dynamic graphic connecting all of the icons was also designed. We created a structure that would allow customers to recognize with a glance that it is a "series with a collection of products that can be used for various purposes."

C Series|Bottle
C Series|Pouch
C Series|Wipe
C Series|Box

Package / Identity

We went with a simple, uniform look as we thought it was important for them to blend in well with the user's lifestyle precisely because they are used frequently. On the other hand, when sold in stores, we thought that a "sign" was also necessary for customers to find them instead of just looking simple, so we added a navy sticker that can be peeled off. We designed composite elements in the form of "simple + white background + black text and icon + navy sticker" to make them instinctively stand out from other products/brands as their visual identity.

C Series|Washing
C Series|Toilet
C Series|Bath


When promoting detergents, powerful visuals that focus on the cleaning power and effectiveness of the product to appeal to customers are often employed, but for C series, we designed visuals that apply to situations in everyday life so that customers would be able to instinctively grasp how the products "blend well into the lifestyle of the user (in terms of appearance and effectiveness)." This is one of the factors that contribute to products becoming widely-known on online shopping sites and social media, in other words, "shopping based on the packaging.”