Cake Stool|Seat

Cake Stool
Prototype / Stool, 2018

A new way to use thinned wood and laminated wood ~ presenting an environmental problem

Cake Stool is a stool with a seat composed of "laminated wood" cut into triangles and assembled so that their peaks are all gathered together to form a pattern resembling tree ring. Laminated wood refers to artificial timber made up of small trees of low utility value joined together with an adhesive, and "'laminated wood' that was originally 'thinned wood'" was used to make this stool. Thinned wood refers to wood from trees that were thinned out to grow healthily in a forest and are thin and prone to bending and twisting, thus making them unsuitable for use in construction materials and furniture. This has led to an environmental problem as most of them are disposed of. We made Cake Stool as a way to promote the use of such thinned wood.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]

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