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H Stool
Hiramiya / Stool, 2019

An iron stool that is light like paper

H Stool is an iron mini stool with a thinness "that is not available, but should be." Modeled after the construction material, H-shaped steel, the structure ensures overall strength and the material (iron plate) is made as thin as possible for a paper-like light modeling. The refined Japanese sheet metal processing technology is essential for it. "Hiramiya," the metal processing production factory, is fully equipped with cutting, bending, welding, and it also values subtle craftsmanship. For example, traces on the finished products are erased to the point of being unseeable, but to actualize sufficient strength, there is a "joint" on welded parts, which is a unique design of craftsmanship. Welding alone does not give it enough strength for the stool function when using iron plates this thin, so "thin expressions" have not been available in the world. It could be the next-generation standard. For paint, various powder paints were blended to create rough expressions like paper, which is suitable for light modeling. Although making this new expression to be a medium to promote excellent technology is a goal, the stool is also designed to function well in daily lives. H stool has a somewhat small design that does not take up unnecessary space, and is for sitting down shortly for "putting on the shoes" or "taking a break." It is perfect for the characteristic "narrow space" of Japanese life. It colors daily living with its charming presence without interfering with motions in daily life.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Assistance: Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]
Photography: Masataka Nakada [STUH]

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