12/JU-NI|Shampoo and conditioner

Kimura Soap / Haircare Brand, 2019–

A haircare brand with an "honest formulation" that seriously improves your hair

“12/JU-NI” is a DtoC haircare brand developed by the Japanese soap manufacturer “Kimura Soap". It sells shampoos, etc. with the concept of “honest formulation" that it realized precisely because it is a small manufacturer. broom carried out the total production of the brand from the framework to product design.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Assistance: Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]

12/JU-NI|Frame work
12/JU-NI|Statement and concept

Framework + Statement

For example, when "non-silicone shampoos" were a trend, it became widely accepted that "silicones = bad," but this is actually untrue. In fact, when correctly handled, silicones are safe components that are not only absorbed well by the skin but also fixes squeakiness. With this "example of silicones" at the start, many cosmetics manufacturers from all over the world, despite singing the praises of ingredients that draw a great amount of attention, constantly add minute amounts of ingredients that are not enough to be effective in those amounts and intentionally remove ingredients that are truly effective.


Naming + Logo

To allow the public to have a premonition of their unique communication and provided value, they designed a slightly strange brand name, "12/JU-NI." It is a number that occurs in numerous phenomena, such as being strongly related to people's lives in that a year has 12 months and a clock has 12 hours, and the appropriate amount of moisture for hair is approximately 12%. Also, while "JU-NI," which is how "12" is read in Japanese, was used as the brand's name, how it is written in Kanji, "十二" was used in its logotype, in this way exercising thoughtfulness with regards to closing the distance between the brand and Japanese people. Also, the tagline "Engineering for Haircare," which symbolizes the traits of the brand, "honesty" and the temperament of the developer, functions as a factor that allows for their world view to be grasped more instinctively.


1st Products

Their first series of products is a shampoo and conditioner with special formulations targeting users with problems like unruly hair and terrible bed hair. Even when promoting them, they stuck to this “honesty” and proactively shared ordinarily negative contents, such as “these products are not meant to please everyone” and “these products will suit some people but not others,” on social media, brought attention to their strengths by displaying their weaknesses, and created opportunities for many people to try them. In the crowdfunding in which pre-sales were conducted, they exceeded five million yen in support purchases and became a rare case in the field of cosmetics. Thereafter, their sales soared so much that production was unable to keep up, and they are bringing revolutions to the haircare experiences of many users mainly in Japan.


Communication 1

A uniform expression in all products and communications, from the bottle design to the leaflet, delivery box, and refill packaging. we have designed the overall communication in a way that thoroughly embodies "honesty," such as clearly showing the personal signature of the developer of the shampoo / conditioner.

12/JU-NI|Inside the leaflet

Communication 2

The leaflet enclosed together with the product, with a huge amount of contents spanning a total of 12 sections and more than 5,000 words. From how to face the products, the thoughts of the developer, and their mindset regarding hair to the production environment, nothing is hidden in the passion that they express directly to the users, and we do best so that products & brand will be loved.