Experimental Creations / Material, 2017

Bowls resembling sweets / An experiment that explores the "gap" between ingredients and daily articles.

For example, bamboo can turn into food and furniture depending on the extent of its growth, and most chewing gum that is currently being produced is mainly made up of plastic. Might there still be many hidden ideas that can apply the characteristics of turning food into daily articles and turning daily articles into food and turn them into value? This notion sparked the start of our experiment. This experiment consisted of mixing amino compounds found in food into a base of clay made from stone dust as the base to and heating them after shaping them. It is the result of manifesting the trait known as "scorching (=the Maillard reaction)" that ingredients possess in practical materials. Ultimately, they took the form of bowls that possess expressions resembling sweets.

Planning, design: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]
Photography: Yusuke Tatsumi [studio WATT]

Maillard|Maillard and carbonization

What's Maillard ?

The "Maillard reaction" is a reaction that occurs due to the joining of sugar and amino acids in ingredients due to heating and is what causes "fragrance" and the "brown color from roasting or firing." Excessive heating leads to a phenomenon called "carbonization" in which the composition of the material is broken down. Thus, when creating the bowls, we carried out a unique process resembling cooking while taking care not to burn them.



We tailor the materials so that they can be shaped through the same process as existing pottery and, while maintaining that productivity, control only their expression. While similar to works of pottery in terms of properties and functionality, the bowls have expressions resembling langue de chat cookies and are truly floating "in between food and daily articles".



Maillard conducted an exhibition of "Experimental Creations," a project focusing on material experiments and the process of creation, and conducted a presentation targeting designers, material manufacturers, and so on.