SBL / Petcare products, 2020–

Pet care products for spending better times with your buddy

MINUTE is a product brand created under the theme of letting people and pets spend better times together. Normal fur care shampoo requires the effort of working up a lather to be effective. MINUTE shampoo is formulated to easily clean off dirt even without that extra work, as well as to foam less and rinse off easily. While specifics differ by case, MINUTE generally delivers ample effectiveness in about half the time required for conventional shampoos. At broom inc., we engaged in total production that encompassed support for development of the shampoo and conditioner, BI, packaging, and detailed communication.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Assistance: Ryosuke Sakamoto, Takanori Shiba [broom inc.]
Photography: Kohei Komatsu

MINUTE|Shampoo & Conditioner


The project began with pet salon owners asking whether there was some way to lessen both the burden on pets and the effort and time required of pet owners. By considering the owners' experiences in running pet salons and comparing these to market conditions, we identified clues for solving the problem. The most laborious and time-consuming steps in fur care are scrubbing and rinsing. On top of this, pet owners demand not only functionality but also psychological fulfillment from products for their beloved pets. Drawing on these ideas, we set the development of new functions in a pet shampoo, as well as a clear view of the world, as our basic policy for the product.

MINUTE|Visual identity

Naming, Logo, Visual identity

Reducing the time and effort required for fur care certainly has functional value, but what we hoped to achieve were the warm experiences of being able to play for a longer time with pets thanks to reduced effort and time, as well as to interact with pets with a gentler mood than usual. Placing these values at the center, we designed the product name, BI, packaging, and more. We created the name "MINUTE" to express not simply shortening time but also creating an even slightly richer five or ten minutes. We give form to consistent communication by using main visuals that isolate and highlight those "several minutes."



At broom inc., we performed comprehensive support not only for packaging but from the development phase onward, including selecting and blending original fragrances befitting the product image. The product exudes a freshness as if in the forest and a sweetly light fragrance of tree sap wood, yet its scent and ease of use have a refreshing crispness. Close your eyes during fur care, and you can surely envision a scene such as your pet bounding through the woods.


Users who make a purchase through MINUTE's online store will receive the product in original packaging material. Along with attentive design that enhances feelings of exhilaration in unboxing and an attachment to the product, we planned communication that remains faithful to a concept of naturally evoking "fun times with pets" from the moment the product is opened.