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Paper Joint Basket
Own Products / Basket, 2018

A paper basket that the user can enjoy assembling like a plastic model

Paper Joint Basket is a basket made from paper that is completed by the user assembling the parts together. It can be used in various ways, such as by leaving it on the dining table with bread or fruit in it or putting many small miscellaneous items together in it. When "paper products" are mentioned, most people would think of either disposable products like paper cups or items that do not have any practical use such as origami, but for this paper basket, we aimed to incorporate the advantages of both. By applying interleaving technology used in the field of printing and pasting multiple sheets of paper together, it offers adequate functionality for everyday use as well as the palatability of a plastic model provides enjoyment in the process of assembly.

Planning, design: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]

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Paper Joint Basket|Package

Flat packed

As we had been anticipating a global market through e-commerce, we aimed to keep transport costs as low as possible and thus decided on a flat pack with a thickness of 8mm for the packaging. Also, this flat packaging performs the role of promoting the product's interesting way of standing up in a three-dimensional manner on a flat surface.

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A platform that shares Japanese materials/technology with the world taking part in planning "MATERIAL IN TIME" sparked our decision to start this project. Paper Joint Basket was the first company product for which everything from planning and design to sales was conducted by broom, and we received various opportunities for recognition such as exhibiting and selling in Hong Kong, selling online, and being published by local/Japanese media.

Paper Joint Basket|Process


Paper Joint Basket is produced with the application of two techniques called "lamination (interleaving)" and "die cutting" that are often used when making novelty items and so on. However, as a much more complex die than usual and pressure to punch out the hard and thick material were necessary, we tried using a punch for metals and changing the shape of the blade and somehow managed to achieve the quality that we had been aiming for.