Parcel|Toolbox blick

Hiramiya / Storage, 2019

Storage made by folding iron up like a “parcel"

Parcel is iron storage. A single sheet of iron was cut and bent like a parcel or folding paper without using welding or screws to create a shape like a container. It was achieved by applying a "bending plate process," which is one of the sheet metal processing techniques. Only craftsmen can build it bending the plate many times, and subtle adjustments that machines cannot copy are essential. In other words, Parcel replaces conventional costs and resources like welding and screws with a unique process that no one tried before. It is a new product that has a newly added value. Its target situations are on the table of offices and personal spaces, and it has characteristic vibrant colors that add a bright accent. For paint, various powder paints were blended to create rough expressions like paper. There are three types of shapes: tray, container, and toolbox. The width of the tray is the same as the container, and the length of the container is the same as the toolbox, creating a design with mathematically orderly modeling/relationship. It allows a beautifully organized look on the table when used in combinations.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Assistance: Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]
Photography: Masataka Nakada [STUH]

Parcel|Toolbox in office
Parcel|Container mustard
Parcel|Toolbox blue
Parcel|Container on Table