Prototype Archives

Prototype Archives
Unrealized projects / Various products, -2018

Experiment, Thinking, Prototype.

At broom, we constantly carry out experiments to explore new expressions and perspectives, planning, and the production of prototypes. For example, we employ various approaches, such as focusing on particular existing technologies and discovering new ways to use them, searching for better "ways to sell," and being inspired by pure curiosity to move our hands. None of these are implemented in society, but we think that all of these are important processes to deepen our knowledge of our "products.”

Planning, design: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]

Prototype Archives|Concept
Prototype Archives|Tip vase

Tip vase

A flower vase that lets you know the lifespan of a flower by tilting. It makes use of the change in overall mass due to the natural evaporation of water and tilts with a clunk like a shishi-odoshi (a water-filled bamboo tube that hits a stone when emptied) when the amount of water in the vase decreases.

Prototype Archives|Circle of sea glass

Circle of sea glass

The planning of an upcycling project in which glass fragments (sea glass) scattered in the sea are gathered, melted, and molded to become bowls. The indescribable charm of sea glass has been retained in the form of bowls.

Prototype Archives|Sap & Heart plywood
Prototype Archives|Sap & Heart plywood

Sap & Heart plywood

In the process right before processing small trees into plywood, the red parts (heartwood) and white parts (sapwood) of the trees are sorted in advance and used to produce planks that are clearly separated into red and white. An experimental project in which these planks are used to make red and white furniture.

Prototype Archives|Fish stamp boots

Fish stamp boots

Long boots for children that allow fish to swim on the ground after it has rained. A simple mechanism in which the rubber of the soles has been molded into fish-like shapes. Much like how stamps work, they add heartwarming moments to everyday scenery.

Prototype Archives|Display for tea

Display for tea

Packaging for organic tea leaves produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. Having actually experienced the beauty of those tea leaves, we wondered if we could elevate them to become the product's identity by iconically bordering and showing the actual tea leaves.

Prototype Archives|Bow


An experimental tool that employs "pliability." While making use of extremely thin wood with a thickness of 5mm, by offsetting the load on the wood with the structure, we have dispelled the danger of it buckling and the uneasiness when sitting on it along with realizing a unique and soft feeling of comfort.

Prototype Archives|Connected pipe vase
Prototype Archives|Connected pipe vase

Connected pipe vase

A flower vase with a unique form that was made with the application of the bending/joining processes of metal pipes used in the hydraulic piping, etc. of heavy machinery. The hollows in the connected pipes are all joined, so more it can contain more water than one might expect based on its appearance.

Prototype Archives|Touch balloons

Touch balloons

A product made with the processing technology of handmade balloons just to "touch," in other words, to squeeze. An experimental project that reenacts sensations that differ according to the shape, such as flat, angular, and spiky.