URIK|Main visual

Copack / Products brand, 2019-

A product brand to enjoy "wearing" more

URIK is a brand with a lineup focused on products such as hangers that are used when "not wearing" clothes so that users can enjoy "wearing" them more. broom carried out the total production of the brand from the framework to product design as a private brand of the hanger manufacturer COPACK.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto [broom inc.]
Assistance: Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]

URIK|Statement and concept

Framework + Naming + Logo

We came up with a paradoxical concept which is that b being considerate towards clothes precisely when they are not being worn, one can enjoy wearing a treasured piece of clothing for a longer time. The name "URIK" is "KIRU (to wear)" read backward, named after this paradoxical approach.


1st Products

The first series is plastic hangers that make use of the knowledge that COPACK has accumulated over many years. They are hollow hangers that reform the existing impression of hangers as "lacking an air of luxury, breaks easily, and clothes slip off easily" by the company developing the plastic itself. broom mainly carried out the CMF design, packaging, and sales promotion policy planning.


Graphic + Animation

We designed dynamic graphics expecting to display them on our website/social media so that viewers can gain insight into the world view of URIK, such as the light feel of our original plastic and the fun vibe based on our concept.

2nd Products 〜

The production/sales of the second series of products are also being planned and we plan to bring various other products into the market in the future.