Water Flow|Ornaments

Water Flow
Nest Hotel Umeda / Ornaments+Sign, 2018

Ornaments and sign planning associated with "Aqua Metropolis Osaka”

A hotel situated in Umeda, Osaka. broom was in charge of the ornaments for its guest rooms as well as sign planning. With "Aqua Metropolis Osaka" as the theme, in line with the features of the hotel, which has its entrance lounge established by the river, we designed various ornaments with the flow of water and undulations of the water surface as their motifs and planned signs that stay true to their impressions for the entire facility.

Architecture: Yosuke Takahashi, Mitsuki Watanabe [GYRO ARCHITECTS]
Interior design: Ryo Takarada, Daisuke Saito [the range design]
Ornaments, sign design: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]
Photography: Tomooki Kengaku

Water Flow|Concept
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Water Flow|Variation
Water Flow|Guest room
Water Flow|Sign