Work Mill Exhibition 01|model

Work Mill Exhibition 01
Okamura / Exhibition, 2018

An exhibition that delves into vast information

"WORK MILL" is a work style reformation project that researches and creates all kinds of work styles and workplaces. "WORK MILL EXHIBITION 01" is a special exhibition that aims to present projects jointly developed with various collaborators and the results of our daily research. broom oversaw the comprehensive design and direction of this exhibition, from the planning of the exhibition itself and spatial structure to the production of all sorts of tools.

Planning, direction, design: Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto [broom inc.]

Work Mill Exhibition 01|Concept
Work Mill Exhibition 01|Contents and display
Work Mill Exhibition 01|Overall
Work Mill Exhibition 01|Detail


We likened diverse and vast information to the "natural world" that overflows with countless geographical features and organisms and constructed the exhibition space based on the concept of "exploring knowledge." We prepared a different model for each category and created a fun yet intellectual experience in which visitors can gain information while exploring.

Work Mill Exhibition 01|Title graphic
Work Mill Exhibition 01|Motion graphic on screen
Work Mill Exhibition 01|Pamphlet

Key word, Key visual 〜 Tools

We established a keyword which is "the future of working" so that visitors can appreciate the contents of the exhibition while comparing them with the future of their work style. Also, we designed a mosaic pattern to elicit a feeling of "something yet unknown" as a visual to go along with that. It is used as a common symbol in signs and animations in the venue as well as in tools for promotion.

Work Mill Exhibition 01|Session


During the event period, the venue was made to change flexibly, instead of "just showing it," such as the WORK MILL members each writing their comments regarding their sources of inspiration directly onto the models and conducting talk sessions.