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Cake Stool

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Cake Stool

  • What we did

    Planning, Product design


    Own project
    Planning, design : Takumu Imoto

  • 間伐修正材のスツール

    Stool made from thinned wood

    “Cake Stool”は、間伐修正材を三角形に切断し、頂点を合わすように継ぐことで年輪のようなパターンを座に構成したスツールです。間伐集成材とは、森林を健全に育てるために間引きをした利用価値の乏しい木々を、人工的に接着材で組み合わせた材です。加工前の間伐材は、細く、曲がりやねじれ等が生じていることから、建築資材や家具への転用には向かず、その多くが処分されるなど、環境問題にも発展しています。そんな間伐材の利用方法の提案として“Cake Stool”をつくりました。

    "Cake Stool" is a stool with a seat composed of "thinned wood" cut into triangles and assembled so that their peaks are all gathered together to form a pattern resembling tree ring. Thinned wood refers to wood from trees that were thinned out to grow healthily in a forest and are thin and prone to bending and twisting, thus making them unsuitable for use in construction materials and furniture. This has led to an environmental problem as most of them are disposed of. We made Cake Stool as a way to promote the use of such thinned wood.

Cake Stool
Cake Stool
Cake Stool

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