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12/JU-NI_Hair milk

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12/JU-NI_Hair milk

  • What we did

    Planning, Package design


    Partner : Kimura Soap Co.,Ltd.
    Planning, design : Takumu Imoto

  • ヘアミルクのパッケージデザイン

    Package design for the hair milk


    We were responsible for the package design of the Damage Repair Hair Milk for the hair care brand "12/JU-NI", developed in collaboration with Kimura Soap, a soap manufacturer. To convey a luxurious, moisturizing impression, we applied a matte finish to the bottle, creating a texture reminiscent of frosted glass despite being made of resin. Like the shampoo and conditioner bottles, our aim was to craft a product that fosters attachment through daily use.

12/JU-NI_Hair milk

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