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Mesh pot

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Mesh pot

  • What we did

    Planning, Product design


    Partner : SASAGE KOGYO.co.,ltd.
    Planning, design : Takumu Imoto, Ryosuke Sakamoto

  • 網戸が景色を透かす原理を応用したワイヤーメッシュの鉢

    Wire mesh pot inspired by the view-through effect of a screen door


    By painting a stainless wire mesh that is generally used to make colanders and tea strainers black and suppressing the reflection of light, we created a pot that has a mysterious opacity that cannot be expressed with glass or acrylic. Just as it seems, it allows for better breathability and water drainage that existing pots, thus creating an environment that is easy for succulent plants to grow in.

Mesh pot
Mesh pot
Mesh pot

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