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  • What we did

    Creative direction, Planning, Package design, Graphic design


    Partner : minacolor inc.
    Creative direction : Takumu Imoto
    Planning, design : Takumu Imoto, minacolor team

  • 「薬」とは、モノではなく体験

    Medicine' is not just an object, but an experience


    We were tasked with developing the development strategy for original pharmaceuticals and designing the packaging system for the healthcare tech "minacolor". Leveraging data from existing over-the-counter medications in the company, we initiated a development drive that went beyond mere medications, introducing measures such as ingredient re-selection and volume redesign, as well as implementing a system for consulting pharmacists before and after purchase, crafting a new form of 'self-care.' In packaging, our fundamental approach was not to prominently display obscure ingredient names or product names, common in existing over-the-counter drugs, but to focus on providing users with only the essential and user-friendly information. Additionally, for each medication, we incorporated icons related to their respective purposes, allowing for instant identification.


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