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Nest Hotel Umeda

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Nest Hotel Umeda

  • What we did

    Creative direction, Planning, Visual identity, Graphic design, Motion design


    Partner : Nippon Copack Inc.
    Creative direction, Planning, design : Takumu Imoto

  • “水都大阪”にちなんだオーナメント・サイン計画

    Ornament and signage planning inspired by "Aqua metropolis Osaka"

    大阪・梅田に位置するホテル「Nest Hotel Umeda」。broomでは、その客室壁面の装飾と施設全体のサイン計画を担当しました。“水都大阪”にちなんで、川岸にエントランスラウンジが設けられたホテルの特徴に沿って、水の流れや水面のうねりをモチーフとした数種のオーナメントを設計、またそれらに同調するよう、施設全体に渡ってサインを計画しました。

    At the Nest Hotel Umeda located in Osaka's Umeda district, broom was responsible for the decoration of guest room walls and the signage plan for the entire facility. Inspired by Osaka's identity as the "Aqua Metropolis", several ornaments were designed featuring motifs of flowing water and rippling surfaces, aligning with the hotel's distinctive feature of an entrance lounge overlooking the riverside. Additionally, a comprehensive signage plan was developed throughout the facility to complement these designs.

Nest Hotel Umeda
Nest Hotel Umeda
Nest Hotel Umeda

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