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  • What we did

    Planning, Web design, Development, Copy writing, 3DCG


    Partner : Kimura Soap Co.,Ltd.
    Planning, design, development :Takumu Imoto
    3DCG : Ryosuke Sakamoto

    Launch site
  • 漂白剤らしからぬ、真っ青なWebサイト

    An unexpectedly vibrant sky-blue website for a bleach product


    We were responsible for designing and implementing the website for the oxygen-based bleach 'SOKOKASHIKO' by Kimura Soap, a soap manufacturer. Emphasizing a minimalistic structure with only essential product information, the focus was on creating an impactful website unified by the vivid blue key color conceived during the product's development phase. The aim was to craft a striking website based on this unifying color scheme.


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