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Tsun CI

  • What we did

    Planning, Visual identity, Graphic design


    Partner : Tsun Inc.
    Planning, design : Takumu Imoto

  • EC開発支援会社のCI開発

    CI for an EC development support company

    鹿児島を拠点にECストアの構築からグロース支援までを行うコマースソリューションパートナーTsun Inc.のコーポレートアイデンティティの設計を担当しました。社名の由来でもある「西郷隆盛の愛犬“つん”」を、ロゴマークのモチーフに採択。愛着が湧くチャーミングな印象と、課題解決を予感させるクリアな構成・カラーで、ローカル基点でありつつも、技術力は世界水準を志す同社のビジョンをカタチにしました。

    We were responsible for designing the corporate identity of Tsun Inc., a commerce solutions partner based in Kagoshima, overseeing everything from building the EC store to supporting growth. We adopted the motif of "Tsun", the beloved dog of Saigo Takamori and the origin of the company's name, for the logo. Through a charming impression that fosters affection and a clear composition and color scheme that hints at problem-solving, we shaped the company's vision of aiming for global standards in technology while being rooted in the local context as the starting point.

Tsun CI
Tsun CI

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